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sorry rhinos the best team won (again)
next stop old trafford.

Well it's nice to be on top of the league again but how long will it last?
Well with any luck it will stay that way untill the end of the regular season but i think we are bound to shoot ourself in the foot!!!
The game agains leeds should be a corker but i say that every year when we play them but i dont care if we win by 40pts or by a last minute drop goal as long as they dont beat us.
there is nothing as sweet as beating leeds unless its in the cup final and it can never be better than that! (enough gloating)
Well i hope there is a massive croud to cheer on the lads and even if we dont have a fit stand off i still think we should win.
Armley 13 on the march
Will the prison service get a team together now that leeds are supplying most of there player's or will they wait to see if the bulls will be sending a player or two!!!
Thats something a Leeds player will never hold!
Yes that right have a good look rhino fan's cos thats as close as you will ever get to the world club trophy.
the sad thing is i will still be saying that in 10yrs time ha ha ha ha!!!

fielden back
looks like i spoke a little too soon!
it really show's when he is injured
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big improvement from last year!
i was thinking of starting a hairdressing buisness so this man could make me rich!
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